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Routes. Guided tours are being offered at the City Hall on Sunday mornings from 10 am to 2 pm.

Every Sunday morning, the City Hall will be opening to the public free of charge and allowing visitors to discover the history and architecture of the building. Guided tours will be offered in Catalan, Spanish and English and will take in the most important rooms. These are free visits and no prior registration is needed. An explanatory leaflet will be given to visitors upon arrival.

A visit to Barcelona City Hall, in Pl. Sant Jaume, is a chance to discover the building’s architectural secrets. Rooms and features of important historical value include the Escala Negra, the Capella del Bon Consell, the Saló de Cròniques, the Sala del Bon Govern, the Sala del Treball, the Despatx de l’Alcaldessa, la Sala Tàpies, the Saló de la Reina Regent, the Saló de Cent, the Sala del Consolat de Mar, the Despatx d’Honor, the Saló de Carles III, the Saló de la Ciutat, the Galeria Gòtica and the Escala d’Honor.

Besides the visits, throughout the year there are also open days on 11 February (Santa Eulàlia), 23 April (Sant Jordi) and 15 June (Corpus Christi), from 10 am to 8 pm. The visits are free and no prior registration is required. They do not include commentaries.

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Ajuntament de Barcelona.
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Ajuntament de Barcelona.

Ajuntament de Barcelona

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Ajuntament de Barcelona
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Information and procedures:
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