Guided tours of the air-raid shelter in Plaça del Diamant


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The Gràcia Study Centre History Workshop organises guided tours of the air-raid shelter under Pl. Diamant every Sunday at 11 am.

In 1992, due to some building work being carried out at the time, the air-raid shelter was discovered underneath Pl. Diamant, in Gràcia. Built twelve metres below the surface by local residents during the Spanish Civil War, the shelter protected over 200 people during the numerous attacks on the industrial area of Gràcia at the time, full of factories which were the main target of the attacking planes.

The shelter was one of over 90 shelters in the neighbourhood and is one of the biggest of the 1,300 built in Barcelona, one of the first cities to be systematically bombed from the air during an armed conflict. Now, as a way of recovering historical memory, the Gràcia History Workshop offers guided tours every Sunday at 11 am to explore the shelter. It’s well worth signing up to discover the series of tunnels which form the shelter and which saved so many lives.



Se celebra a diferents llocs:
Refugi Antiaeri de la Plaça del Diamant.
Organitzat per:
Associació Taller d'Història de Gràcia.

Es fan visites per a les escoles, grups i públic en general.

Organitzat per el Centre d'estudis Taller d'Història de Gràcia.

Refugi Antiaeri de la Plaça del Diamant

Pl Diamant, 0
La Vila de Gràcia
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Refugi Antiaeri de la Plaça del Diamant
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93 219 61 34 (Taller Història Gràcia) Dl a dv de 10.30 a 14 i dl a dj de 16.30 a 19 h
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