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Through this web site Barcelona City Council:

  • Seeks to provide updated information of quality.

    The informationdisseminated through this web site is up to dateat the time of its publication,andwhenever necessary, it will be updatedin the shortest possible time.

    The updatingof the informationprovided by third parties shall be the responsibilityof thepersonor bodywho has provided it. Barcelona City Council will ensure thatthe providers of this informationguarantee and respect the updates made to it in accordance withcurrent regulations.

    Measures shall be taken to ensure thatthe information disseminated is complete, true, precise, useful and accessible,andthat it fulfils the quality requirements envisaged under current legislation.

  • It will allow accessregardless of thetechnological option chosen by the user, and, in particular, it will facilitatethe use of technologies based on open-source standards.
  • It guarantees the security and protectionof personal information.
  • It follows cookies policy that respects privacy.
  • It allows and promotesthe reuseof thedisseminated information, within the limits envisaged under this disclaimer as well as thoseimposed bycurrent legislation.

    Barcelona City Council allows the reuse of all thedata and information disseminated through this web site, unless there are indications to the contrary, and this shall be subject to the following conditions:

    • the content of the information must not be altered
    • the sense ofthe information should not be distorted
    • the source ofthe information must be mentioned
    • the dateof the most recent update must be given
    • there should be no implicationthat the City Councilsponsors or supportsthe activityfor whichthe informationhas been reused

    At all times,the possibility of reusing informationshall be limitedby the need to protectother rights, goods or interests in accordance with the provisions ofcurrent legislation. In particular, anyreuseof the information containedon this web sitemustsafeguard the protectionof the intellectual and industrial property regime andthe regime for the protection of personal data. In specific terms, the reuse of workandother subject matterprotected by the intellectual property regimeshall be subject to the terms of theintellectual property licence thathas been establishedin each case (see “Intellectual and industrial property” section).The reuse of worksandother subject matterfor whichthe intellectual property rights have been reserved is forbidden.

  • It protectsthe intellectual and industrial property andpromotes the use ofopen-source licences.

    Barcelona City Council is the owner of the intellectual property rightsof theworksandother subject matterthat make upthis web site, orit has been granted the right to use these. This includes the graphic design and programming of this web siteas well as the texts, images and recordings that it contains. The reproduction, distribution, public communication or transformationof theseworks andother subject matter, beyond theactivitiesthat are directly authorised by the Intellectual Property Act, requirethe authorisation of the owner.

    The brand names, commercial names and distinguishing signs that appearon this web site may be protectedbyindustrial property regimes, as applicable, andthey belongto the respective owners. Any use that does not havethe authorisation of the owner, orwhich is not coveredby the law, is forbidden.

    If a citizenbelievesthat this web site or its content may have infringed some intellectual or industrial property right, he/she must informthe City Council of this, indicating his/her name, the ownership of the rights (providing proof or the corresponding accreditation) andthe subject matterof the rightthat has allegedly been infringed.

  • It falls withinthe legal framework that is in forcein matters of content liability.

    In accordance with current legislation, the City Council assumes responsibility for any contentincluded on this web site that has been producedby the City Council itself. With regard to the content providedby users and third parties, the exclusions of liabilityenvisaged under articles 13 to 17 of Law 34/2002on information society services andelectronic commerce shall be applicable. In particular, and with regardtolinked content, the exclusionof liability of article 17 of this same law shall be applied.

    The City Council does not accept responsibility for anyimproper usethat users may make of the contentof the web site. Likewise, it shall not be responsible for anypossible difficultiesto access the web site or any malfunction that may be attributableto causes beyond the control ofthe City Council.