Women’s film series ‘Action and resistance’


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Festivals. Admission is free to the open-air screenings of the five films.

Women’s everyday experiences include actions which, however small they might seem, are capable of bringing about changes. The series ‘Action and resistance’ focuses on these gestures and their importance when it comes to changing lives, surroundings and policies to make them more inclusive and free.

The North American film Figuras ocultas (Hidden Figures) is being screened in Pl. Mercè Sala in Poblenou on 18 May. Directed by Theodore Melfi, the film narrates the difficulties of three brilliant Afro-American NASA women scientists.

On 31 May it’s the turn of the film Bar Bahar, entre dos mundos, directed by the Palestinian Israeli director Maysaloun Hamoud, which is being shown in the courtyard at the Casa Elizalde. The film shows how three women flatmates in Tel-Aviv have to make an effort to find a balance as they live between tradition and modern culture.

La bicicleta verda (The Green Bicycle) is the first Saudi Arabian film written and directed by a woman and is being screened in Pl. Pastrana on 4 July. The director Haifaa al-Mansour narrates the story of Wadjda, a 10 year old girl who lives in the suburbs of Riyadh and who dreams of owing a bicycle.

The Irish director Aisling Walsh portrays Maudie, el color de la vida (Maudie), the true story of the self-taught Canadian painter Maud Dowley. The film is on in Pl. Joan Pelegrí in the Hostafrancs neighbourhood on 30 September.

The series of screenings rounds off on 7 October with the film Rara by the Chiliean director Pepa San Martín, in Pl. Comas, Les Corts.

All sessions in the series are outdoors and admission is free.



Se celebra a:
Centre Cultural La Casa Elizalde.

- divendres 18 de maig, 21.3o h
Pl. Mercè Sala
'Figuras ocultas'
Direcció: Theodore Melfi
País: estats units
Any: 2016
Durada: 127 minuts
Versió doblada al castellà

- dijous 31 de maig, 21.30 h
Pati de la Casa Elizalde (aforament limitat)
'Bar bahar, entre dos mundos'
Direcció: Maysaloun Hamoud
País: Israel
Any: 2016
Durada: 96 minuts
Versió doblada al castellà

- dimecres 4 de juliol, 21.30 h
Pl. Pastrana
'La bicicleta verde'
Direcció: Haifaa al Mansour
País: Aràbia Saudita
Any: 2012
Durada: 98 minuts
Versió doblada al castellà

- diumenge 30 de setembre, 21.30 h
Pl. Joan Pelegrí
'Maudie, el color de la vida'
Direcció: Aisling Walsh
País: Canadà
Any: 2016
Durada: 115 minuts
Versió doblada al castellà

- diumenge 7 d'octubre, 21 h
Pl. Comas
Direcció: Pepa San Martín
País: Xile
Any: 2016
Durada: 93 minuts
Versió original en castellà

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