Parc de Joan Miró


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Parc de Joan Miró occupies the site of the city's old abattoir, an area equivalent to four blocks in the Eixample district.

This is a park that offers visitors a surprise at each of its numerous entrances, as these give access to very different spaces both in structure and in use. It is a comfortable park to be in, where you choose your area according to what you plan to do.
Local residents meet up there every day in the pine grove, to chat away on the terrace of one of the kiosk bars or watch while the kids are playing in one of the six children’s play areas, the largest of which is accessible. The palm grove has pétanque courts for the sport’s aficionados and a large 720 m2 area for people to let their dogs run free in.

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Carrer d'Aragó, 2

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