‘20th century memory from judicial archives’


Exhibitions. This exhibition by the Ministry of Justice at the Government of Catalonia is on in the former Model prison.

The documentary archive produced by the judicial administration while carrying out its work is a fundamental source of material for historical, scientific and cultural studies, as well as for historical memory, which is configured based on the promotion of paths and personal paths and experiences, lived first-hand or transmitted.

Judicial documents from the Spanish Civil War and the Francoist dictatorship, conserved in judicial and historical archives, are a valuable anchorage point for the public and historical memory of a large part of the 20th century.

This exhibition uses a selection of documents from Barcelona’s court archives and civil register to offer a journey through the historical memory of our country.

The documents show different aspects of the effects that laws and the justice system had on people’s daily lives during the Spanish Civil War and the Francoist dictatorship in Barcelona.

The exhibition sections are devoted to the victims of repression during the war and the post-war period, to women, the Catalan language and social control during the dictatorship.

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Organitzat per:
Departament de Justícia.
Se celebra a:
Edifici de La Model.

Exposició "La memòria del segle XX des dels arxius judicials. Justícia i societat durant la Guerra Civil i el franquisme, a partir de documents dels arxius dels jutjats i del Registre Civil del partit judicial de Barcelona".

Exposició organitzada pel Departament de Justícia de la Generalitat de Catalunya, per donar a conèixer els fons documentals històrics dels arxius judicials, en concret dels arxius dels jutjats i del Registre Civil del partit judicial de Barcelona, i destacar la rellevància que tenen per al coneixement de la societat del segle XX.
Mitjançant plafons enrotllables a partir d'imatges de documents, es mostren diferents aspectes de l'afectació de les lleis i la justícia en el dia de la gent, durant el període de la Guerra Civil i la dictadura franquista, a Barcelona.

Edifici de La Model

Entença, 155
La Nova Esquerra de l'Eixample
Post Code:
Edifici de La Model
From 17/09/2019 to 28/11/2019.



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