‘Activistes per la vida’, by Gervasio Sánchez


Exhibitions. An exhibition on the reality of those defending nature and human and social rights in Guatemala and Honduras.

‘Activistes per la vida’ looks at the lives of some forty men and women who, despite being threatened with death, stand up together for their land and try to protect rivers, woodlands and mountains. The vision of all these people is a global one: the focus of the mobilisation is to preserve the cycle of life for all humanity.

Using images by the photojournalist Gervasio Sánchez, this exhibition documents and gives visibility to the daily lives of people who see their rights supressed by laws which favour large enterprises. This, on top of the constant persecution of individuals, the high level of violence and corruption among the police, politicians and the judiciary, has forced thousands of families to flee in search of safe ground. The protagonists of these images are all the indigenous and farming communities who make a stand in the face of injustice and who confront powerful interests.

Curated by Entrepobles, the exhibition includes a virtual section with educational materials aimed at secondary school pupils. In addition, the publishing company Blume has produced Activistes per la vida, a work created in Spanish and Catalan and featuring all the accounts in the exhibition.

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Guatemala i Hondures són dos dels països més rics del planeta en béns naturals. L´avidesa per l´extracció de les seves riqueses sembla condemnar a les seves poblacions a viure en les societats més desiguals i violentes. Aquesta exposició mostra els rostres i les veus de desenes d"´Activistes per la Vida" que lluiten col·lectivament en els seus territoris enfront a poderosos interessos amb l´objectiu de protegir els rius, boscos i muntanyes que sostenen el cicle de la vida no solament per a les seves comunitats, sinó per a tota la humanitat. Son dones i homes que s´enfronten a les amenaces de mort permanents de governants corruptes, empresaris depredadors i pistolers sense escrúpols.

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