‘Picasso. The Sketchbooks’


Exhibitions. The Museu Picasso displays some of the sketchbooks containing works by the artist.

This exhibition brings together nineteen sketchbooks used by Picasso for his drawings. Seventeen of them are from his childhood and youth and were donated to the museum by the artist himself in 1970, while the other two are acquisitions. All the sketchbooks include works of a quality and coherence that can help towards the in-depth study of the artist and all his work.

Picasso used these sketchbooks as a personal diary, where he investigated and experimented in order to solve the problems within his creative process. The various works contained in them include family portraits, landscapes, academic learning from the different arts or the artist’s relationship with the masters. By way of context, the museum has included other works by the artist in the exhibition.

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Els quaderns de dibuix són, per a Picasso, una mena de diari on investiga i experimenta per solucionar els problemes inherents al seu procés creatiu. Tan importants van ser els quaderns de dibuix per al pintor que l´any 1907 va escriure a les pàgines d´un d´aquests quaderns: «Je suis le cahier» (Jo soc el quadern). A més, no es va desprendre mai de la majoria de quaderns, i els va conservar tota la vida a la seva col·lecció.

Dels cent setanta-cinc quaderns que Picasso va omplir amb els seus dibuixos entre el 1894 i el 1967, el Museu Picasso en conserva dinou, disset dels quals provenen de la donació de l´artista del 1970 i corresponen al període d´infantesa i joventut. Els altres dos són adquisicions.

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