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Film. The myth of vampires has been experienced and re-interpreted in a variety of films over time.

The curiosity and mystery that the unknown awakens in us have inspired many a film professional to create films on the theme in a variety of genres: tales of horror, romance and even tragedy.

Their first appearances in silent movies were hardly as representative as we would paint them today (they did not have fangs or suck blood) but they were responsible for bringing tragedy to men, and often women too. “ Vampiresses of the silent cinema ” is a cycle dedicated to a series of far female figures that were anything but commonplace during the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Actresses such as Gloria Swanson and Theda Bara in the United States, Pola Negri in Germany, Francesca Bertini in Italy and Margarida Xirgu in Catalonia. Musidora from France and Fannie Ward from the United States open this cycle which we can enjoy every month, in small doses, up to June.

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Occur on:
Filmoteca de Catalunya.
Tickets sold at:
Filmoteca de Catalunya.
Organised by:
Filmoteca de Catalunya.

No tenien ullals ni xuclaven, literalment, la sang, però arrossegaven els homes, i alguna dona, a la tragèdia. Van sorgir en l'esplendor del cinema mut i amb noms propis: Gloria Swanson o Theda Bara als Estats Units, Pola Negri a Alemanya, Francesca Bertini a Itàlia o Margarida Xirgu a Catalunya. La francesa Musidora i l'estatunidenca Fannie Ward donen el tret de sortida a aquest cicle que podrem gaudir mensualment, en petites dosis, fins al juny.

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Filmoteca de Catalunya

Pl Salvador Seguí, 1*9
Ciutat Vella
el Raval
Filmoteca de Catalunya
From 12/01/2021 to 31/12/2021

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