Barcelona Poesia 2024


Poetry. The city fills with recitals, workshops, concerts discussions and all sorts of ceremonies to celebrate the power of words.

The 27th edition of the poetry festival Barcelona Poesia is being held from 15 to 22 May.

This year’s festival is based around the simplicity, materialisation and everyday nature of gestures to make us stop and marvel again before the things we think we have already learnt: because we believe that the cleverness and enjoyment of poetry lie in repetition and rediscovery.

In this edition, the festival seeks to open up the potential of verse to the maximum and enjoy it in its bare essence, with words resonating powerfully in the air, or in the company of others, challenged and contradicted with music, or as an appeal, a theatre decoration, a sketch with thin lines and thicker ones like brushstrokes.

We’ll hear poetry in the usual festival spaces, but also rediscover it in city streets and squares, and be surprised by it at the Palau de la Música in Catalan, Spanish, Slovenian, French and Basque, at the 39th Barcelona International Poetry Festival that rounds off Barcelona Poesia on 22 May.

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Organised by:
Institut de Cultura de Barcelona.

El festival Barcelona Poesia celebra la seva 27a edició del dimecres 15 al dimecres 22 de maig, amb un programa que vol posar l’accent en la poesia quotidiana, en els petits fets i gestos del dia a dia. La poesia que es respira, la que es veu, la que es mou, i la que espera, pacient, a ser descoberta. 

Els comissaris de Barcelona Poesia, Maria Callís i Manel Forcano, han confegit un programa amb 44 activitats —a més d’una quarantena d’activitats paral·leles que es duran a terme al llarg del mes de maig— i amb la participació de 130 poetes, d’àmbit nacional i internacional, amb una proposta pensada per a sensibilitats poètiques diferents, examinant els diferents corrents literaris i la diversitat del fet poètic.

Diversos espais

C Rambla, 99
Ciutat Vella
el Raval
Diversos espais
From 15/05/2024 to 22/05/2024

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