7th TRAM Barcelona Open 2024


Wheelchair tennis. A top class line-up with around 50 tennis players from 20 different countries, including both the women’s and men’s number ones.

The Reial Club de Polo de Barcelona will be hosting the 7th edition of the TRAM Barcelona Open from 22 to 26 May.

The tournament will feature some of the biggest names on the international circuit, such as Esther Vergeer from the Netherlands, world number one in the women's competition, and Shingo Kunieda from Japan, who’s number one in the men's.

The TRAM Barcelona Open also stands out as it’s in the ITF1 category, the highest in wheelchair tennis, making it one of the ten most important tournaments on the Uniqlo Wheelchair World Tennis Tour. Additionally, this year, the tournament will count towards the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games, adding an extra incentive for participants.

Entrance is free of charge, and tickets are now available online.

El Torneig Internacional de Tennis en Cadira de Rodes, que enguany arriba a la 7a edició, tindrà lloc del 22 al 26 de maig a les instal·lacions del Reial Club Polo de Barcelona.

El TRAM Barcelona Open continua a la màxima categoria ITF1 de la Federació Internacional de Tennis, esdevenint l’únic torneig d’aquesta categoria al nostre país. Una vegada més, comptarà amb els i les millors tennistes en cadira de rodes del món a les tres categories: masculina, femenina i Quad. D’aquesta manera, el Tram Barcelona Open es consolida com un dels tornejos més importants del circuit mundial Uniqlo Wheelchair Tennis Tour.

Reial Club de Polo de Barcelona

Av Doctor Marañón, 17*31
Les Corts
la Maternitat i Sant Ramon
Reial Club de Polo de Barcelona
From 22/05/2024 to 26/05/2024

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