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Museums. A free activity is being organised on Sunday afternoons to explain what the museum has to offer, with a tour covering the biography of Earth.

The Museu Blau is raising its profile by organising a dynamic tour for anyone aged 7 or over to discover what the museum has to offer. An educator will be accompanying visitors on the tour ‘Biografia de la Terra’ [Biography of the Earth], before they go on to discover the rest of the exhibition ‘Planeta Vida’ [Planet Life] for themselves. The guided part of the tour starts with the origins of Earth and traces its history through to the present day, making combined use of biology and geology to explain the major changes in the surface of the planet and the evolution of life. Interactive screens offer presentations recreating the appearance, light and sounds of different geological eras.

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Visita dinamitzada adreçada a tots els visitants, a partir de 7 anys, per descobrir què explica i què proposa el Museu Blau. Un educador ens acompanya a través de l´itinerari Biografia de la Terra per, a continuació, convidar a una descoberta autònoma a la resta de l´exposició Planeta Vida.

ATENCIÓ: Aquesta activitat ja incorpora l'itinerari "La biografia de la Terra" "

Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona

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Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona
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