Nativity scene in Pl. Sant Jaume


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Christmas 2017. The nativity scene in Pl. Sant Jaume heralds the arrival of Christmas and will be in place from 24 November to 7 January.

The switching on of the Christmas lights and the nativity scene in Pl. Sant Jaume signal the start of Christmas in Barcelona.

Visitors this year are set to discover a nativity scene with various faces to it:

The nativity scene, a copse. The wind dictates the movement of figures, with supports which weigh hardly anything but are very strong. A copse full of reeds, a landscape.

The nativity scene, a place. The nativity scene to shows a place in the city’s broader central area. Urban places are travelled and crossed. The urban site is a travel stop, traffic and landmark. A place in the city where people take part, a place which needs people.

The nativity scene, a game. Hiding, counting, imagining characters. Becoming figures in the nativity scene and entering: being the kings, listening to the shepherds, witnessing the start of a universal story, in the cave.

The nativity scene, an action. The nativity scene moves in the wind, makes reflections with the sun and lights up in the dark. Each moment is one to behold: it enchants us, from the ground beneath us or from the furthest corners of the square.

The installation is the work of the architect Jordi Darder and is made up of 25 methyl methacrylate figures hoisted on supports and representing the 25 characters in the traditional nativity scene. By day they will form outlines on the facades in the square with colours and reflections. By night, they will do so using interior lighting. They are positioned differently, and the combination of support heights will offer different ways of being seen, both from within the scene itself and from the opposing sides of the square.

The nativity scene is an accessible 12×12-metre platform supporting a square-shaped section bounded by 25 sticks ranging from 3 to 7 metres in height, with 25 frosted methacrylate-plate figures lit up above. The iconographic resource brings empathy to tradition; the proposed use of merely two dimensions to represent it, as well as faraway contemplation points, serves to incorporate the entire square into the experience of becoming. The figures are also a social mirror, and it is through collaboration with a calligraphy artist, at the base of each stick, that the nativity scene proposes them as models of the values that they depict us as a people.

The nativity scene is also designed so the public can take part in it too. This is not a nativity scene for contemplation but rather a nativity scene along a passage that will be playing host to several planned activities while offering a opportunity, for a moment, of becoming part of a living representation of the Barcelona nativity scene.

The nativity scene can be visited up until 7 January.



Organitzat per:
Institut de Cultura de Barcelona.

Representacions teatrals de carrer del CONTE DE NADAL
Text del recull 'Des del balcó de casa' de Pep Quintana (Crea't Edicions, 2015)

- 13/12/2017 a les 18.30h, Cia. PEP QUINTANA
Pep Quintana, escriptor
Mercè Pons, actriu
Mònica Huguet, periodista
Rosa Vila, actriu

- 26/12/2017 a les 18.30h, Cia. ÁNGELES CASTUERA
Ángeles Castuera, actriu
Marta Genís, actriu
Carlos López, actor
Javier Gil, actor

- 01/1/2018 a les 18.30h, Cia. CLIMENT SENSADA
Climent Sensada, actor, director i pedagog teatral
Fina Borràs, actriu i rapsode
Lourdes Balart, actriu
David Velasco, actor director i rapsode

- 04/1/2018 a les 18.30h, Cia. TERESA PUIG
Teresa Puig, actriu i directora de La Casa dels Contes, al barri de Gràcia


DANI RUIZ, InerZia i TRIDONIC, programació lumínica
SENDYS, cal·ligrafia
MICROFUSA, sonorització Conte de Nadal


Plaça Sant Jaume

Pl Sant Jaume, 1
Ciutat Vella
El Barri Gòtic
Post Code:
Plaça Sant Jaume
From 24/11/2017 to 07/01/2018.

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