‘The Unexpected Guest’


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Shows. The Teatre del Raval presents this play by Agatha Christie and invites spectators to work out who the murderer is.

On a stormy night, Michael Starkwedder loses his way on a road in Wales and suddenly turns up at the Warwick household. He goes inside to ask for help but stumbles across a chilling scene: a man who has been shot dead and woman standing next to him with a revolver in her hand. The woman is the victim’s wife and confesses to the murder. However, something doesn’t add up and instead of calling the police Michael starts his own investigation in a house where everyone is a suspect.

La visita inesperada (The Unexpected Guest) is a theatre play written by Agatha Christie in 1958. One of the crime writer’s most celebrated theatre plays, the story keeps the spectator in suspense right to the end, with a masterfully crafted plot. The play was first performed at the Duchess Theatre in London, on 12 August the same year.

Building on the success of Testimoni de càrrec (Witness for the Prosecution), the Teatre del Raval once again opts for a mystery by the English writer. The previous play saw members of the audience take to the stage to form part of the jury and on this occasion they’ll have to try and discover who the murderer is half way through the set.

A prize draw will also be held and those who work out who the killer is have the chance to win a meal for two and two tickets to the play.



Es venen les entrades a:
Teatre del Raval.
Se celebra a:
Teatre del Raval.
Produït per:
Teatre del Raval.

Fitxa artística

Laura Warwick Empar López
Michael Starkwedder Jordi Coromina
Inspector Thomas Manel Solàs
Julian Farrar Lluís Altes
Miss Bennett Muntsa Tur
Jan Warwick Gerard Clavell
Sra Warwick (Pendent)
Henry Angell Àngel Amazares
Sargento Cadwallader Bernat Muñoz

Equip artístic
Autora Agatha Christie
Traducció I Adaptació Tamar Aguilar
Direcció Pau Guix
Producció Teatre del Raval


Una nit de tempesta, Michael Starkwedder es perd per una carretera de Gal.les; apareix en una mansió propera per a demanar ajuda. Allí descobreix una escena esgarrifosa: un home mort d'un tret, encara assegut en una cadira de rodes, i al seu costat una dona empunyant un revòlver... L'assassina, esposa del difunt, confessa. No obstant, alguna cosa inquieta en Michael, i és que els fets semblen evidents... massa evidents. En lloc de cridar a la policia, comença a investigar pel seu compte en una casa en la qual tots són sospitosos, i és que tots tenien motius per assassinar al senyor de la casa, un home cruel i despietat.

Teatre del Raval

C Sant Antoni Abat, 12
Ciutat Vella
El Raval
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Teatre del Raval
From 15/09/2017 to 01/04/2018.

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