New Year’s Eve in Av. Reina Maria Cristina


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Christmas 2017. See in 2018 with a spectacular fireworks, music, light and water show.

Avinguda de Reina Maria Cristina, Plaça Espanya and the Palau Nacional in the background once again set the scene for Barcelona’s New Year’s Eve celebrations. A fireworks, light, sound and water show at the Magic Fountain makes this a truly unique experience.

This year’s New Year’s Eve celebration in the city is based around the 12 lucky grapes we traditionally eat when we hear the chimes at midnight. The show aims to transcend the grape itself and make use of its circular shape and its symbolism: the eternal line with no beginning and no end, which sees cycles repeated and, in turn, the passing of time. Grapes are the icon for the evening and will be present even before the show begins, with giant mock-ups of the bunches that grapes grow naturally in.

All of the elements of fire for the New Year’s Eve show are designed to highlight the musical thread and transcend architectural features, going into the space beyond. The circle based around the grape, and which represents the passing of time, will also be traced in fire in the Barcelona night sky. The four columns in front of the fountains also take on a special significance, acting as the springboard for detonating the columns of light which are sure to impress and excite.

Music will play a central role and has been composed to achieve an embracing overall sound, while the use of lasers will help keep the audience informed at all times about how long the year has left in it. Specially-created illustrated animations for the occasion will take up all facades and grow beyond the architectural space, synchronising the trails of light from the fireworks.

Shortly before the chimes, a large structure behind the four columns will be lit up and then shine in different colours, changing with each of the chimes. This feature will act like a huge sun, on the horizon of the avenue.

The first kisses of 2018 in Barcelona will have a touch of magic, with an impressive dry storm of glittering confetti raining down on everyone courtesy of confetti canons along Av. Reina Maria Cristina.

Once again this year, the Magic Fountain takes centre stage. Its specially-designed sequences for the occasion will give visibility for the rhythms and melodies of the soundtrack, also accompanying the lights and fireworks. By way of entertainment for people waiting for the chimes, as from 9.30 pm there will also be screenings of previous music and firework spectaculars.



La celebració del comiat de l´any vell tindrà lloc a l´avinguda Maria Cristina, amb un espectacle especial sota la direcció de l´artista Miquel Setó, que s´iniciarà a partir de les 23:30 hores i durarà fins a les 00:10 hores, aproximadament. Per amenitzar l´espera dels i les que s´hi desplacin amb temps, des de les 21 hores hi haurà música i narracions al voltant de la temàtica de la fi de l´any.

L´espai escènic format per la Font Màgica de Montjuïc, el Palau Nacional, l´avinguda Maria Cristina, les Torres Venecianes i la plaça d´Espanya acollirà un espectacle de llum, aigua i focs d´artifici al servei d´una coreografia multimèdia, on la música serà la protagonista principal.

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Avinguda Maria Cristina

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Avinguda Maria Cristina

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